DUPLI-COLOR Sprayplast


The quality of the SPRAYPLAST has been improved significantly. This peelable lacquer made by DUPLI-COLOR is now even better removable, if you do not like the colour any more or if the lacquer has done its service. Besides, the colours silver, red, blue and a yellow neon colour as well as a “Gloss Finish” replenish the assortment. 

  • A characteristic of the neon colour is, that you have to apply just one coat of the neon colour over 4 white SPRAYPLAST coats. 
  • The transparent “Gloss Finish” on the one hand you can apply in 5 coats as transparent high-gloss. On the other hand it is suitable as a gloss coat over other already existing SPRAYPLAST colours.

The assortment also comprises a cleaner which is suitable for cleaning before painting, but also after painting of the object.


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