Whiteboard Paint

Whiteboard Paint

DUPLI-COLOR Whiteboard Paint is a high gloss, water-thinnable and hard-wearing 2-component paint on basis of polyacrylate, using a chemical interlacing with a special aliphatic isocyanate hardener. Transform every smooth surface into a surface you can write on with whiteboard marker, which can be wiped off dry, whether it is a big wall, a door, a cabinet or an old blackboard. 


Suitable on all smooth grounds, such as wood, metal, masonry, hard plastics, earthenware etc. 
For example in living rooms, class rooms, offices, heath facilities, conference rooms and so on.


Sales only in Switzerland!


Examples for use


Last July the 30th we celebrated the opening of the new production line at Motip Dupli Wolvega. This investment results in a production capacity...

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Porous material and holes up to 1 cm wide can easily be bridged or repaired in broken plastic using presto extra Fibreglass Filler.


Also suitable...

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Broken edges can be quickly glued back together for long-term stability with presto Bodyfiller.


Also suitable for use on:

Cupboard hinges, wall...

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