Technical Sprays


Products for cleaning & degreasing, lubrication, care & protection or problem solvers for special challenges in workshops, production, household or hobby.

-> Technical Protection

-> Technical Tool

-> Technical Cleaning

-> Technical Lubrication

-> Technical Assembly

Industrial Coating


High-quality spray paints for repair of small areas or for colour-matching of zinc-plated parts in the field of industry.
-> Industrial coating



Durable and resistant marking of park lots, storage yards, forklift routes etc.
The 360° valve allows the perfect allround-marking in all directions.
-> Marking


Dear Partner, We would like to take this opportunity to advise you of our policy and measures in place in concern to the European outbreak of corona...

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Scratches can be quickly repaired with presto light filler without affecting the weight of the board.


Also suitable for use on:

Model planes,...

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Even damage to metal or metal sheets can be easily repaired with presto alu Metal Filler. The finished repairs blend in well and are waterproof.


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