Kompakt Car Repair Paint

Kompakt Car Repair Paint

The well proven MoTip Kompakt system for a wide range of applications. Combi system means, that with within very close tolerances, the colour corresponds approximately to the original car manufacturer shade.

High performance acrylic paint for lacquering or retouching automobiles and many other objects, for example in the household: for do-it-yourself works, decoration and handicraft. Applicable on metal, wood, glass, stone, ceramics, carton and many coatable hard plastics. 

Our Kompakt system includes several original automobile paint colours under one reference number (5-digit), which are identical in colour but which are given different references by different car manufactures grouped under one color-code. For example the colour-code 41020 includes approx. 26 different colours from different car manufacturers. With the help of the Kompakt catalogue the suitable colour code is easy to find.

uni / perleffect colours in 400ml = 41000 - 46999
metallic colours in 400ml = 51000 - 56000
uni / perleffect colours in 12ml = 941000 - 946999
metallic colours in 12ml = 951000 - 956000

Examples for use

Kompakt Car Repair Paint
Kompakt Car Repair Paint


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