Report on “Agenda Farbe 2010”

Paint professionals and tawny owls.....

“Agenda Farbe” (The Paint Agenda) is the official mouthpiece of the German paint and printing ink industry and regularly publishes a wide variety of interesting reports on innovations within the paint sector. This is a trade journal packed with surprising contrasts: in it, one could just as easily find a travel report as read an article about a violin maker or artist. The MOTIP DUPLI ecological nature trail has now found its way into this versatile publication. The magazine devotes five appealing and well-designed pages to colourfully explaining everything about this unique project.

The speciality of “Agenda Farbe” lies in providing comprehensive information to its readers. All aspects of paint come under focus, sometimes in unusual ways. “The tawny owls of Haßmersheim” was the title of an article in the “Pay a visit” column that described how paint can be produced while protecting nature. And this should not be used as a token gesture to hide the sight of unpleasant things but because it is essential in the long-term. The MOTIP DUPLI management team was very pleased with the article as it got right to the core of the issue. You may not want to give up being a successful paint producer but neither  stand by and do nothing while nature is affected.

The visit by Michael Bross, managing director of the German Paint Institute, and Horst Koppelstätter, editor of “Agenda Farbe”, produced welcome reactions on both sides. The article in “Agenda Farbe” highlighted how impressive the ecological nature trail project is and how it could even be seen as a positive example for the whole sector. MOTIP DUPLI is a supportive environment and wants to be so in the future, too. Maybe some day one will be able to say not only that the umpteen billionth tin has left the production line here but also how magnificently the colours of the kingfishers’ feathers shimmer in the light.

Click here for the PDF version (only in German) of the report.


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