„Body & Paint“ - Bodypainting-Calender 2014/2015

„Body & Paint“ - Bodypainting-Calender 2014/2015

The topic of the new bodypainting calendar 2014/2015, presented by MOTIP DUPLI, is “Body & Paint”.

Already the sixth edition shows many attractive ladies with great and individual paintings.
During the last few years colours performed magic with the airbrush-method. This time fine brushes set a course.

Because of this it is baptized “Body & Paint”: the simple but accurate motto with creative paint on dynamic bodies. The creative and ambitious motives were painted by international Bodypainting-Artists on the nude skin of young ladies.

The brilliant colours and amorous poses ought to give the calendar a high emotional quality and look alive and brisk. A special charme makes the staging of human bodies in their natural shape with colours and effect. This 24-months calendar is long-living in workshops as well as in bureaus and in private environment.


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