Order informations Linemarker

Order informations

Special marking of lines and divisions for roads, parking lots and industrial plants as well as safety signs.

Colour hues: white, yellow, red, orange, green, blue, grey, black and traffic yellow. 

The grey and black marking sprays can also be used as corrective sprays to remove fluorescent markings from concrete or tar.

The line marker can be used in the following accessories:

  • Speedliner²
  • Speedmarker long
  • Speedmarker short
  • Speedmarker 2-Wheel

Accessories available from all COLORMARK partners.

Order informations

 Color   Product   Bundle   Art.No. 
 Linemarker blau 500   500 ml   201684 
 Linemarker blau 750   750 ml   201769 
 Linemarker gelb 500   500 ml   201646 
 Linemarker gelb 750   750 ml   201721 
 Linemarker grau 500   500 ml   201691 
 Linemarker grau 750   750 ml   201776 
 Linemarker grün 500   500 ml   201677 
 Linemarker grün 750   750 ml   201752 
 Linemarker orange 500   500 ml   201660 
 Linemarker orange 750   750 ml   201745 
 Linemarker rot 500   500 ml   201653 
 Linemarker rot 750   750 ml   201738 
 Linemarker schwarz 500   500 ml   201707 
 Linemarker schwarz 750   750 ml   201783 
 Linemarker verkehrsgelb 500   500 ml   415333 
 Linemarker verkehrsgelb 750   750 ml   346156 
 Linemarker weiss 500   500 ml   201639 
 Linemarker weiss 750   750 ml   201714 

Examples for use

Order informations
Order informations

Disclaimer of liability

This application-technological information is given to the best of our knowledge. The notes mentioned herein are, however, non-binding and do not exempt you from own tests to see whether the products supplied by us are suitable for your special application. The use and processing is beyond our control and therefore exclusively in the responsibility of the user. MOTIP DUPLI is let off the liability, unless the liability-based incident is caused by a fault incurred to MOTIP DUPLI.

For any further technical questions call our hotline +49 (0) 62 66 75-266 from Monday to Thursday from 9 h a.m. to 3 h p.m. or on Friday until 12 h p.m.

As of August 26, 2010
This release replaces all eventually earlier issued versions.



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