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Order informations

Coloured and silver glittering colours in covering or transparent quality. For professional uses as well as for applications in the household and hobby.

DUPLI-COLOR Diamond Spray is suitable for painting glass, ceramics, stone, metals and all surfaces, which are painted with acrylic or nitro-combi lacquers. Also for wood (primed or painted); limited suitable on carton, paper and coatable plastics.

Depending on colour of the ground and thicknes of the applied coat, the achieved effect can strongly vary. Perfect for vanciful creatives!

For long-term protection of the painted object, you should apply a protective coat of high-glossy DUPLI-COLOR Zapon Spray art.no. 467264.

Order informations

 Color   Product   Bundle   Art.No. 
 Diamant blauschwarz 150   150 ml   669644 
 Diamant gold 150   150 ml   669255 
 Diamant gold 200   200 ml   684418 
 Diamant gold 400   400 ml   685057 
 Diamant kupferbraun 150   150 ml   669187 
 Diamant kupferbraun 200   200 ml   684470 
 Diamant kupferbraun 400   400 ml   685071 
 Diamant lindgrün 150   150 ml   669217 
 Diamant lindgrün 200   200 ml   684517 
 Diamant lindgrün 400   400 ml   685095 
 Diamant marin 150   150 ml   669200 
 Diamant marin 200   200 ml   684524 
 Diamant marin 400   400 ml   685101 
 Diamant purpur 150   150 ml   669248 
 Diamant purpur 200   200 ml   684500 
 Diamant purpur 400   400 ml   685118 
 Diamant silber transparent 150   150 ml   338663 
 Diamant silber transparent 400   400 ml   332609 
 Diamant violett 150   150 ml   669224 
 Diamant violett 200   200 ml   684494 
 Diamant violett 400   400 ml   685125 

Examples for use

Order informations
Order informations

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As of: October 18, 2017
This release replaces all eventually earlier issued versions.