prestolith pro Soft Light Filler

prestolith pro Soft Light Filler

To level out unevennesses and for thin "fine filling" of pre-treated surfaces.

prestolith pro Soft Light Filler is a highly elastic, quick curing 2-component polyester fine filler, as mixture of a highly reactive, unsaturated polyester resin, filled with a combination of innovative pigments and extenders.

The new, improved quality with a lower densitiy (1,4 g/cm³) goes along with the following advantages:

  • 40 % lighter than common putties.
  • Easier to mix with the hardener.
  • Less effort is necesseary to spread the putty compound.
  • Better filling power.


Fields of application:

Car sector, machine construction.
Applicable on metal wood, concrete or on surfaces which are already pre-filled with prestolith plastic.

For preparation and finishing your filling job, we recommend our presto sand papers. We offer a wide assortment of fine and coarse papers for dry and wet sanding.