The combination is key

Whether paints are used for artistic purposes or to warn, protect or fulfil other needs - they only work best when the substrate is correctly prepared, which among other things is the job of primers. They ensure, for example, good adhesion, have insulating, stabilising and protective properties and ultimately bring out the best in paints. So that they are able to meet these requirements, the substrate, purpose, in other words whether painting permanently or only temporarily, and the paint material should always be coordinated. The MOTIP DUPLI brand world, a series of primers for the widest spectrum range of substrates and needs is available to hobby, semi-professional and professional users in the respective ranges.

The right substrate is the basis for a successful paint application - it should be well prepared.

When man began to apply naturally occurring coloured pigments to cave walls and rocks with their fingers or chewed sticks, that was also the start of a lasting relationship - the relationship between substrate and paint. Since then almost 40,000 years have passed. Unlike the pre-industrial era, however, in light of highly developed production technologies there are now a large number of possible substrates, starting with metals through to complicated composite materials and special plastics etc. That inevitably leads to the following question: what does it take to turn a highly absorbent, rusty, porous, overly smooth substrate into a reliable support for the paint material?

Specialist or all-rounder?

A universal primer is always a good choice if it is not possible to identify the support material without doubt or if moderate environmental factors prevail. If the best possible results are called for or if difficult substrates like zinc make a special primer necessary, an appropriate product should be used. Colourmatic, the brand for rofessionals, offers a series of high quality special primers for the demanding automotive paint sector or for the decorator's range. The customer can choose between various primers for different substrates and purposes such as one-component and two-component qualities in case of the combination products of primer and filler. But presto also features a series of highly effective corrosion protection primers, as well as a wide range of different primers under DUPLI-COLOR or MOTIP

The basic rules are as follows:

  • check the substrate, e.g. for damage, corrosion, rot residual moisture etc.
  • Remove loose rust, dirt etc., then sand down and clean
  • Choose the primer according to the substrate
  • Check compatibility
  • Apply as described in the instructions, complying with intermediate flash-off and drying times
  • The better the primer adheres, the better the corrosion protection!


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