Decorative creations with spray paint

Hobby, Arts & Craft

DUPLI-COLOR - Extension of the assortment for the creative hobby and handicraft segment

With the fantastic spray paints from DUPLI-COLOR again and again you are able to achieve new colour designs. From now on, more special sprays complete the wide assortment for the target group of hobbyists, artists and creatives. Zapon Spray, Fixativ and Textile Sprays are just some of the new stars for the „arts- & craft“ sector.

Who likes to do handicrafts and decorations, knows the situation: colourful designing with brush and paint often lasts very long and often are thwarted for hours by long drying times. Or: the beautiful charcoal drawing is smeared by a little carelessness. Or: to stick big objects together with a glue stick or with glue out of the tube becomes a real challenge to our patience.

Hobby, Arts & Craft

There’s an end of it from now on! The speedy helpers from DUPLI-COLOR do not make your handicraft hobby a stressor, but they create simply fun. DUPLI-COLOR Dekospray Matt for example dries within 5 minutes, has an excellent coverage and is even suitable for application on polystyrene. Charcoal drawings are protected for a long time from humidity and dust and yellowing with the transparent Fixativ. With the novel Spray Adhesive you’ll perfectly and durably stick together even big surfaces in no time, in the way you wish to.
The convenient aerosol sprays with 150 ml contents are due to their size very handy, versatile applicable and convince by a long-years storage stability. By combination of different effect sprays from the DUPLI-COLOR assortment one can achieve stylish uniques and individual creations.

Hobby, Arts & Craft

With the novel Textile Spray you can wonderfully trim T-shirts, caps and other textiles. In particular for events and parties you make from a simple T-shirt a flashy and individual outfit – suitable to the cause and to the motto.

For the target group of the hobbyists, creatives and artists a special catalogue – the hobbycard – was issued. In this catalogue the new hobbyist sprays are introduced together with supplementary creative products and it shows ideas for decoration and art. The new products are available in leading craft stores and art supplies as well as in the special departments of well-known home-improvement and do-it-yourself stores.


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Sieht aus wie Rost, ist aber keiner!


Rostige Dekorationen liegen im Trend und sind nun mithilfe des Rosteffekt-Sprays von DUPLI-COLOR für Jeden selbst herzustellen.

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