Come abbellire il tuo giardino

in modo facile e veloce ...

Oggetti comuni che diventano oggetti di design. Queste comuni lanterne, facilmente reperibili nei mercatini delle pulci o nei negozi di bricolage, diventano magiche lanterne che arricchiscono di colore il tuo giardino.

I prodotti di cui hai bisogno

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Guarda come:

We are sure you’ll find the colour to suit your desired ambience in our broad portfolio. If necessary or technically possible, take the lantern apart. Before you begin spraying, cover glass parts carefully with double-sided sticky tape and paper.

Cover your workstation with newspaper or sheets. Only work outdoor or in ventilated rooms. The surfaces to be sprayed must be clean, dry and free of grease. Spray objects from a distance of approximately 10 cm crosswise.

The advantages of spraying are in your hands: When you use a paintbrush, the paint can quickly run or leave visible strips – with a spray can, you have an even and blemish-free look. The results are more even when you spray lots of thin layers rather than one thick one. Leave to dry for a short period between each spray.

Put the lanterns back together and find a good place to hang them – your cheerful and colourful party decorations are ready.


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